Early Stage Tech Fund

Venture Capital when needed

The Chilean Economic Development Agency (CORFO) completes the start-up financing chain with new instruments to support the development of innovative early stage companies.

Good news

For everyone
If your venture has less than 3 years, the Program:
  • Facilitates access to funding.
  • Connects to new strategic partners.
  • Builds your network.
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If you are an investor or an investment fund administrator, the Program:
  • Leverage up to 3 times private funds.
  • Distributes the risk proportionally.
  • Subsidizes operating costs.
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A new link in the chain

Chile is embedded in the context of a globally recognized ecosystem, where public and private actors are involved. The Technological Early Stage Fund is a funding instrument oriented to support new dynamic entrepreneurships.

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for Seed Capital nationwide, representing a 30% increase over last year.


Raised capital

by tech ventures through Corfo’s Start-Up Chile Program.


Increase in public spending

to fund new opportunities during the early stage of development.


Position of Chile

in the GEDI and Startup Genome rankings as entrepreneurship ecosystem.

More than just funding,

a country vision
Building a different country

We are looking to develop a diversified productive matrix, with tech ventures of high value add.

Promoting human capital

We want to support the growth and development of new tech businesses with deep knowledge.

Developing Venture Capital

We are looking for new agents to transform Chile into a leading example in Latin American.

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